Analytics Spam Blocker 3.1 available today!

A small update where the dashboards are once again updated to reglect current support options. Texts have been rewritten a bit or reworded so they read better. Support links now point to my own support forum again as moderation is too strict and lack of control for developers on the WordPress Forums is too frustrating.

Compatible with ClassicPress

Analytics Spam Blocker, like most of my plugins, is fully compatible with ClassicPress. ClassicPress is a great alternative for WordPress 5 and newer if you do not want to deal with blocks or other modernist nonsense that, in my opinion, takes WordPress in the wrong direction. Which is a huge pity… This website uses ClassicPress and I bet you didn’t even notice.
Learn more about ClassicPress here. Or if you need advise or help with migrating your website to ClassicPress get in touch via the Contact form or buy the ClassicPress migration service.

Are you reporting spam domains?

Since Analytics Spam Blocker 3 reporting domains is easier than ever, the domains you report get added to your own blocklist immediately. If a few people report the same domain it’ll be included in the standard blocklist in a future update. Reporting referral spam is an important measure to keep your Analytics such as Google Analytics or Matomo Analytics relevant and neat.

To get rid of referral spam the best way is to make it obsolete. This is of-course easily done with Analytics Spam Blocker. As always, stay vigilant and report referral spam domains through the form in your dashboard. When several people report the same domain it’ll be included in the blocklist in the next update.

When enough domains get reported, and consistently so, hopefully one day the internet will be free of referral spam. Only with your help we can make this happen – so keep reporting your referral spam domains via the Analytics Spam Blocker dashboard in the Tools menu.

Changes for Analytics Spam Blocker version 3.1

  • Updated dashboard sections
  • Updated support links
  • Removed help tabs
  • Removed unused icons

The download for Analytics Spam Blocker should pop up in your dashboard shortly. Or you can download the plugin here:

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