Analytics Spam Blocker updated – Api fixes, better dashboard!

A maintenance update for Analytics Spam Blocker was released today. In this update I fix new subscriptions for some users. Optimize the dashboard a bit and I’ve included some fixes for the dashboard and API statistics.

This small update changes some things in the dashboard, optimizes some dashboard quirks – Or fixes them rather. Also the registration and blocklist updates work more reliable now. Especially registration for new users is much more reliable.

Reporting referral spam is important

To weed out referral spam the best way is to make it obsolete. This is easily done with Analytics Spam Blockers reporting tool in your dashboard.
Quickly report referral spam domains to my server, if several people report the same domain it’ll be included in the blocklist and ultimately will no longer show up in peoples website Analytics like Google Analytics or Matomo anymore.

If enough domains get reported, and consistently so, hopefully one day the internet will be free of referral spam.

Only with your help we can make this happen – so keep reporting your referral spam domains via the Analytics Spam Blocker dashboard in the Tools menu.

Changes for version 2.9.3

  • [fix] Dashboard stats
  • [fix] More reliable registration for new users
  • [change] Dashboard tweaks