Analytics Spam Blocker version 2.8 – Things actually work now…

Over the last few days I did some troubleshooting for this site in general and came across some issues with the Analytics Spam Blocker API. Which have been resolved today. It took a lot of testing and trial and error. But the new API 2 now actually works.

So, yay!

Sites should now get new blocklists again, and get them reliably. Registration of new users is now also faster and works. For some users the response would be empty or null… Or registration would flat out fail… None of that anymore.

yay! x2

If you still encounter errors with getting new block lists, disable the plugin and re-register your site. That should fix the issue. You can, of-course, disable the plugin from the Plugins dashboard. Then when active again, navigate to Tools > Analytics Spam Blocker and click the button to register your website.

Registration is free and ensures that you have the latest blocklists to counter Referral Spam in your Analytics Tools. Don’t forget to report new domains as they appear ๐Ÿ™‚

Changes for version 2.8

  • [fix] Server communication not working for some people
  • [fix] Registration process more reliable
  • [change] Updated dashboard