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It's time for this years Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale! It's been 4 years or so since I last did a meaningful sale so it is high time for a sale! Get any AdRotate Pro license over the sale period for 50% off. If you're thinking of monetising your WordPress or ClassicPress website? Now is the time!

Blogs! Online magazines! Everyone else with WordPress and ClassicPress! Get your license for the best banner manager for WordPress on the cheap and start earning with advertisements.

What is AdRotate Pro?

AdRotate Pro is the premier banner manager for WordPress and ClassicPress. Making advertising easy since 2012. And before that with AdRotate Banner Manager, the free version. Managing and planning your advertising campaigns was never easier then with AdRotate!

Sounds good? Then check the promotion details below and get your license today!

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Classic Commerce Coupon Catcher is here!

Today I cooked up a new plugin Classic Commerce Coupon Catcher. This plugin adds the ability to use a URL parameter to Classic Commerce so you can send links to your users with coupons in them. These coupons are then automatically applied to the customers cart if there is a discount to be had.

This is a small but handy little plugin that's useful if you want to send out news letters with ready made links for discounts. Or you can use it for Call-To-Action buttons on your site or a number of other scenarios where you want to automatically apply discounts under certain conditions.

To install the update simply upload the zip-file through the "Add plugin" feature in your WordPress or ClassicPress dashboard and activate it after. Of course you'll need to have Classic Commerce installed as well.

Getting help

All my Classic Commerce plugins get limited support through my ticket system. If you run into any trouble or have questions please click the support link on the Plugins page in your dashboard. You'll see the link on the plugin listing.

Getting started with advertising in 2023

Getting started with advertising in 2023

Ads run the internet, like it or not, adverts are everywhere and make the world go round in the digital space.
If you have a WordPress or ClassicPress website and are looking to increase revenue, or make earning it easier then you'll probably want a good and efficient advertising manager on your website.

AdRotate Banner Manager is such an advertisement plugin. With AdRotate you can create and place advertisements anywhere on your website using a variety of methods. You are in control of every advert your visitors see on the front end of your website or blog.

What can AdRotate do for you

What is AdRotate Banner Manager, or AdRotate for short? AdRotate is a plugin for WordPress and ClassicPress websites. Plugins extend the function of a website with new features and options. With AdRotate the added functions are aimed at managing adverts or banners in a easy to understand way. But also to make them visible to your website visitors.

In doing so AdRotate Banner Manager helps you earn money from your blog. Not because you'll get revenue from AdRotate itself, but because the plugin makes it easy to manage the adverts. AdRotate Banner Manager includes many features like scheduling, advert grouping (So you can rotate different ads in one spot) and a lot of granular control of how the adverts should behave.

Many plugins push you to use a certain network, or only work with Adsense. Others only allow strict templates or restrict how you place them. With AdRotate Banner Manager none of those restrictions exist.

All these ads can be easily placed using a variety of ways - Almost everywhere on your website. The most common and easy option is to use a Widget in your sidebar. More recently AdRotate also includes Blocks for the WordPress Block Editor (Gutenberg). The blocks work exactly like the widget but can be placed inside posts and pages as well. You can also use Shortcodes in any field that supports shortcodes. And there is an option called Post Injection that lets you insert adverts in posts and pages automagically with a few clicks.
Or if you're a more advanced user you can use PHP snippets in your theme directly, too.

This means that monetizing your website and blog is easier than ever if you use AdRotate Banner Manager.

What AdRotate is not

AdRotate Banner Manager does not automatically ads for you. You'll have to get those from your advertisers or advertising networks.
Companies like Amazon Affiliates, Google Adsense, Impact Radius,, Agoda, and hundreds of other affiliate and advertising networks. Take your pick and work with whoever you think is best.

You can also create your own banners, making it attractive to sell ad space yourself. Commonly the advertiser will then send a banner image and a website url for you to make an advert of. This can be done in a few minutes in the AdRotate Banner Manager dashboard.

The most easy option usually is to use something like Google Adsense but there are hundreds of advertising networks to choose from. Thousands of websites that offer affiliate programs. All have ads that you can place on your website.


The TLDR; is that making money with your website is a kind of a must. You're putting in a lot of effort into making it, why not get something in return... It's proven time and time again that placing ads can be very lucrative. Sometimes even easy. Let's make it easier with the right tools. Those tools being AdRotate Banner Manager and AdRotate Professional.

The focus of this article is to get you started with advertising on your website without breaking the bank. AdRotate Banner Manager is the best option for that. The plugin is FREE and takes little time to set up. All dashboards have been carefully designed to be compact and easy to use.
This makes AdRotate Banner Manager the best option to get started with ads on your website. If you then decide you want even more features and more options to control the user experience you can upgrade to AdRotate Pro!

Get started today

If you have WordPress 4.9 or newer, and you probably do, you can simply look for the plugin through your Plugins Page in your WordPress Dashboard. Search for "AdRotate" or "Arnan AdRotate" to get the best hit. Below you'll find the links to the relevant product pages where you can read more about the plugin, what it does and how it works. And of-course, if you feel you're ready to make the plunge - Buy AdRotate Pro as well.

AdRotate Banner Manager 5.9.1 – The most pointless update of the year…

This release includes a number of small tweaks and fixes to better implement WP nonce security and some dashboard changes for maintenance features.

More importantly a unused variable causing an error has been removed. This improves the rendering of stats graphs. Running maintenance tasks now triggers the confirmation notification properly now. This makes the functioning of these functions more visible.

Some older maintenance tools were removed as they're no longer needed for the functioning of AdRotate Banner Manager. This made AdRotate Banner Manager a bit more lightweight, but also simplifies the Maintenance dashboard by quite a bit.

AdRotate Banner Manager is tested to work on WordPress 6.1 and ClassicPress 1.4+.

Why is this a pointless release?

It's not really. But at the same time this is a sort of forced update to fix an issue created by 'security researchers' (as they happily call themselves). Patchstack are the latest offenders in a long line of inconsiderate d*ckheads pestering people with benign non-issues forcing their ways on the community without a care for the widespread paranoia they create.

I despise the attitude of these companies - Their flawed reasoning, inconsiderate actions for things like this, and just flawed everything really. *sigh*

Anyway, a few months ago I was approached by some random guy who, I thought, was just trying to score credits for a supposed security flaw. I had never heard of them, or him, had no idea who pacthstack are and sort of figured they're just a bunch of nerds trying to prove themselves, whatever, right?
But, any report should taken seriously so I tested his findings discovered that while his findings were correct in this instance it posed no issues due to the nature of the functions 'affected' and the highly privileged nature of the trigger mechanism. There was nothing to exploir, nothing to interact with, just the risk of running a maintenance function - Which isn't bad.

Concluding there was no security issue, no changes were required and I informed the guy and left it at that. I never heard from them again.

Then on November 11 they posted their report, which got picked up by WordFence and some other platforms which labeled this a critical security issue and suddenly I was in hot water to make changes for something that isn't an issue. Weekend ruined because users kept emailing me about it. WordFence even going so far as to recommend uninstalling AdRotate as shown by one user... What the f*ck!?

Anyway, the highly critical fix which fixes nothing of value is included in this update. Yay! You can be 'safe' once more... Whoop-di-doo!

Changes in AdRotate 5.9.1

  • [fix] Removed unused $archive variable from stats
  • [fix] Nonce verification for certain maintenance buttons
  • [fix] Status indicators for maintenance functions
  • [change] Removed unused maintenance function
  • [i18n] Updated translations


AdRotate Pro 5.9 – Improved updates and support options

This update brings improvements to the update routine - With the aim to hopefully show update information more reliably and consistent. Based on some user feedback a few tweaks have been made to accomplish this. Testing over the last 2 weeks or so have shown an improvement on update reliability. So that's a good start.

On top of that, AdRotate Geo got a few tweaks to improve the quota reset and display in the dashboard. This should help with understanding why Geo Targeting stops working if you go over quota.

And lastly, all help tabs have been updated with up-to-date support links, the support dashboard has been revamped to reflect current support options and all translations have been updated.

Update regularly!

Staying up-to-date with plugins is important and is almost never a bad thing. Updates are important for your website security. But more often updates also add new or improve features as well.
Updates are available via your dashboard and require no special knowledge to install, this makes it extremely easy to keep your site secure and have the latest features.

Changes in AdRotate Professional 5.9

  • [change] Use WP provided version for plugin_version
  • [change] Updated support dashboard page
  • [change] Updated help tabs
  • [fix] More reliable display of updates
  • [fix] More reliable reset of AdRotate Geo lookups
  • [i18n] Updated all included translations


Grab your update today, available through automatic updates in your dashboard or via direct download in your dashboard. Or if you do not have AdRotate Pro yet, get your copy today through the product pages below.