bbPress SKU Mention is now available for free

Easily detect and convert SKU codes used in Classic Commerce and WooCommerce into product links in bbPress topics and replies.

I’ve been using this plugin for a few months already on my travel website MotoTravel. I have since removed the forum there. But I figured ‘finishing’ the plugin for public use would be a fun little project. And so I created a proper plugin bbPress SKU Mentions from it.

This plugin adds a filter that looks for SKU product codes in bbPress topics and replies. This is useful if your customers mention specific items in your online store but using the title is not specific enough.

Any mentioned link will be converted into a link to the product page.

To install the update simply upload the zip-file through the "Add plugin" feature in your WordPress or ClassicPress dashboard and activate it. Of course you’ll need to have bbPress and Classic Commerce or WooCommerce installed as well.

Getting help

All my plugins get limited support through my own forum. If you run into any trouble or have questions please click the support link on the Plugins page in your dashboard. You’ll see the link on the plugin listing. Or visit the forum through the support page.

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