Did you buy AdRotate Pro in the last year? Is your plugin up-to-date?

This is an ongoing effort to get existing users to update. Even if your license has expired already.
Last year I made a similar post. And earlier this year in this post as well.

Updates are important to get the latest features, security patches and general improvements in the plugin. Over the last 2 years not too many features have been added, but a number of them have been redone making them A LOT better, more modern or just more useful. A few examples of this are Post Injection which got completely redone to finally get rid of double adverts and on top of it works much more efficient. And more recently, full support for Google Analytics 4 statistics.

Several performance improvements have been made to make the plugin work faster or use less memory. A lot of queries for the database have been made faster or less demanding – And the list goes on.

And, no less important, recent improvements to the update system have been made. Based on user feedback it came to my attention that the showing of Update Information was not always reliable. This means that a lot of people may have missed out on updates over the last year or so. I’m hoping to correct this mistake.

I bought a license for AdRotate Pro in the last year

There is a big chance you can get the latest version of AdRotate Pro right now, but simply don’t know it is available. This is easily fixed though by just updating manually. If you need help with this, please get in touch, even if your license recently expired, and I’ll help you out where I can.

I bought AdRotate Pro in the last 2 years

This requires a bit more investigation, but in general there should be no issue with installing the latest version of AdRotate Professional. Your license will have expired by now. But if you think you missed out on updates, simply get in touch and I’ll see what version you can update to – Or perhaps I can even entice you to get a new license at a special discount. If you think you’ve missed out on updates, let me know and we’ll take a look at I can do for you.

Getting your update

Generally updates will be available via the WordPress updater along with everything else right in your dashboard.
So if an update is available to you and your version of AdRotate Pro can reach my server it should be able to update in a few clicks right now.
If no update is visible in your dashboard then please get in touch through the contact form and let me know your license key, current version of AdRotate and we’ll figure things out!

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