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Did you buy AdRotate Pro via

logo-512x512Then read on ๐Ÿ™‚ With being offline you can no longer access your downloads and license keys on that site. This is of-course far from practical. I have come up with a small page where you can re-claim your license and link it to your new account on

This sudden shift was required to “fix” the “broken” SSL (HTTPS) stuff for both sites. As outlined here. I had originally planned to migrate everything over in a few weeks. But alas, it wasn’t to be.

If you need your license or a new copy of AdRotate Pro you can link your license to your account from the Link License page. Obviously you’ll need an account to make the link. You also need your license key and license email to link your license. Both should be listed in your AdRotate Pro Settings page but also in your original order confirmation email.

To navigate to this page you go to your account page and look for this button:

You’ll need AdRotate Pro version 3.12 or newer to be able to use the update API on the new site.
If you run into trouble linking your license let me know and we’ll sort it out quickly!