Do you like AdRotate? Write a review!

time-for-reviewOn recently the review system got “cleaned up” by removing old ratings. These are from the pre-review system where you could just click your star rating and an actual review wasn’t required. But also even older ones, where reviews didn’t even exist. Unfortunately a lot of plugins, including AdRotate, are now left with lower ratings because of that cleanup. I lost almost a full point on the 5 star scale because of this new system. Not good.

Even more unfortunate is that people often only think to review something when they’re unhappy with it. Not very thoughtful indeed. So if you like AdRotate (Pro) please leave a short review through this link. This doesn’t have to be anything fancy, if you like AdRotate and you’d like to leave a brief word of thanks, your recommendation or a comment that would be awesome.

The reason of this post is to get a bit more positive attention to AdRotate. Not to artificially rank up AdRotate. I already know AdRotate is pretty good. Thousands of existing users already know AdRotate is pretty good. But the unknowing community doesn’t and may get the wrong idea from the current state of the rating system.

So please be so kind and write a short review of AdRotate and let the world know that you like it. But also to show that the nay-sayers aren’t the majority here. You can post a review by going to the AdRotate Plugin Page and navigating to the reviews tab.