End of year sale 2020 – All plugins 30% off!

The end of the year is around to corner. So I figure it’s time for an end of year sale! All plugins, including AdRotate Pro and all WooCommerce plugins, are 30% off! Don’t enjoy Christmas too much just yet, get AdRotate Professional first. It’ll be quick and easy to set up and with your first earnings you can celebrate even more!

Or, if you’re not looking for an advertising manager, consider improving your WooCommerce set up with my handy little plugins. Faster checkout? Yes please! Want to know which payment gateway is most used? That’s useful, too! You can find out with my plugins.

Sales are great for those on a small budget. If you want to save a buck and want to get stuff done? Now is the time!
Earn extra money with website advertising, manage your campaigns with ease in AdRotate Pro! Or get started with your own WooCommerce webshop and enhance your e-commerce business.

Promo details

Valid: December 1st 2020 through January 2nd 2021 (GMT-5 timezone, that’s Eastern Standard Time)
Coupon Code: BYEBYE2020
Discount: 30% on AdRotate Pro (All licenses) and WooCommerce plugins

Don’t forget to enter the coupon code on checkout! And happy holidays!

2 thoughts on “End of year sale 2020 – All plugins 30% off!

  1. Hi,

    I am loving your work with the free version of Adrotate. Its not of consequence the license fee, as I shall be upgrading.

    As a newbie , may I ask a question?

    I am developing a website using a theme from TagDiv ‘Newspaper’… not sure if you are familiar with the theme?… but all seems to work very well in conjunction with Adrotate.

    Using your pro version plugin?, will in post ad groups ‘where ever placed’ top of post, centre etc? .. override the theme options to place the short code?… because at the moment this is not displaying.

    Many thanks in advance

    Mark Fraser

    1. AdRotate (Pro) doesn’t override stuff.
      But please tell me more in the forum – https://ajdg.solutions/forums/

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