Goosle 1.2 is available now on Github!

Over the past few months I’ve been working on improving my search experience and couldn’t get it quite right. So I’ve created my own. Then I figured I would not be alone in being frustrated with the internet, so here is Goosle. Available for you. To make your life a little better.

With Goosle, a fork and complete rewrite of LibreY. The aim is to create a more hassle free search experience for basic search.

Goosle 1.2 searches in DuckDuckGo, Google, Wikipedia and Ecosia and shows the results in an easy to read format. Image search is done by Yahoo! Image Search, replacing Qwant as that turned out to be an unreliable service.
To make things more interesting, Goosle can now search for on more Torrent sites, including EZTV for TV Shows, and has a handy filter for finding Seasons and Episodes, filtering out other results. Check the Help page for more information.

Changes in version 1.2 released on January 2, 2024

  • [new] Preferred language setting for DuckDuckGo results in config.php.
  • [new] Preferred language setting for Wikipedia results in config.php.
  • [new] Combined DuckDuckGo, Google, Wikipedia and Ecosia (Bing) results into one page.
  • [new] Ranking algorithm for search results.
  • [new] Option to down-rank certain social media sites in results (Makes them show lower down the page).
  • [new] Option to show the Goosle rank along with the search source.
  • [new] Crawler for results from
  • [new] Periodic check for updates in footer.
  • [change] Moved duckduckgo.php and google.php into the engines/search/ folder.
  • [change] Removed Wikipedia special search in favor of actual search results.
  • [change] Removed ‘Date Added’ from 1337x results.
  • [change] Removed Chrome based and Mobile user-agents, as they don’t work for the WikiPedia API.
  • [change] Added more trackers for generating magnet links.
  • [tweak] 30-50% faster parsing of search results (couple of ms per search query).
  • [tweak] Expanded the season/episode filter to all sources that support TV Shows.
  • [tweak] More sensible santization of variables (Searching for html tags/basic code should now work).
  • [tweak] Moved ‘imdb_id_search’ out from special results into its ‘own’ setting.
  • [tweak] Moved ‘password_generator’ out from special results into its ‘own’ setting.
  • [tweak] More accurate and faster Google scrape.
  • [tweak] Reduced paragraph margins.
  • [tweak] More code cleanup, making it more uniform.
  • [fix] Prevents searching on disabled methods by ‘cheating’ the search type in the url.
  • [fix] Better decoding for special characters in urls for search results.
  • [fix] Better validation for special searches trigger words.
  • [fix] Better sanitization for DuckDuckGo and Google results.

Try Goosle for yourself

I’ve made the code available on Github.

Goosle should work on most modern servers that use PHP7.4 or newer and should take less than 5 minutes to install and set up. All you need is basic webhosting and a domain name.
Check the included or the Github page for details.

Getting help

You can post your questions on Github or on my support forum.

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