How to get AdRotate Professional updates for free

This is an ongoing effort to get existing users to update. Last year I made a similar post. Every time I look at my update servers stats I see that tons of people lag behind on updates. While in itself there is nothing wrong with that. It still bothers me a little since for many of you updates are available and there is no real reason not to benefit from new and/or updated features or security fixes.

Updates are of-course important to get the latest features, security patches and general improvements in the plugin. Over the last 2 years not too many features have been added, but a number of them have been redone making them A LOT better. Most notably the addition of a Media Manager. Post Injection got re-done and expanded recently. Group management and Schedule management got improved a lot. AdRotate Pro got a lot smarter with finding errors and telling you about it.

Several performance improvements have been made to make the plugin work faster or use less memory. A lot of queries for the database have been made faster or less demanding – And the list goes on.

Take a look at the paragraphs below which are relevant for your version to see if you are eligible. Or if you’re unsure get in touch via the contact form. Make sure to include your license key or order number. Also include your current version of AdRotate Pro.

AdRotate Pro 5 users

If you’re using AdRotate Professional 5.x there is a big chance you can get the latest version of AdRotate Pro. Partly because your license may not have expired yet. Unfortunately some versions had issues connecting to the update server. This is easily fixed though by just updating manually. Get in touch, even if your license is expired, and I’ll see if you’re eligible for an update. This of-course applies to anyone who didn’t have the latest version at the time your license expired.

Affected versions for the update bug are AdRotate Pro 5.6.4 through 5.7.2.
But even if you have another version of AdRotate Pro 5 and simply didn’t update, just get in touch and I’ll see what I can do for you.

There is a chance that you may get a slightly older version. But one that works on modern servers and WordPress versions. Plus you get a taste of the newer features, including a few security related fixes.

Users of AdRotate Pro 4

In general the latest version available to AdRotate Pro 4 users was 4.13.2. In my post from Last year I announced that the version limit was raised to AdRotate Pro 4.18.2. This version in turn has a newer version available as well depending on your license. So some of you can update again to a even newer version, depending on your license.

The update should be offered to you already through your dashboard, but if it’s not – Please get in touch via the contact form.

Version 3

No automatic updates are available and these versions have been obsolete for years.
Which means no support is available and updating to a newer version often requires extra steps. Of course updates are possible, but get in touch for a personal update path and advise. Please include you license key and current version if you do.

Getting your update

Generally updates will be available via the WordPress updater along with everything else right in your dashboard.
So if an update is available to you and your version of AdRotate Pro can reach my server it should be able to update in a few clicks right now.

If you need help with getting the update or installing it or if you have any questions do not hesitate to get in touch via the contact form or comments below.

Thank you!

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