How to start with AdRotate for WordPress

Congratulations! You are about to monetize your website in the most efficient way possible with the AdRotate for Wordpress banner-management plugin.
Online advertising is the most effective way to earn money. And there are many affiliate programs you can join.

Let’s get started and increase your income!

What does AdRotate do?

AdRotate plugin is one of the best and widely used WordPress banner-managers for people and businesses who wish to make money through their website. AdRotate for Wordpress has the possibility to put multiple adverts in a group and shows them alternating on your pages and posts. So no more repetitive displays of adverts if you don’t want to, which in turn won’t scare away the visitors.

How to install the Adrotate Plugin?

Open your Wordpress dashboard and navigate to Plugins > Add New. Once there, search the plugin directory for AdRotate.
The highly recognizable green logo for AdRotate will pop up instantly in your search results.

Next to it you’ll see a Install button. Simply click that button to download AdRotate to your website.

How to activate the Adrotate Banner Management plugin

After the plugin is downloaded to your website the install button changes into a Activate button. You can activate AdRotate right there, or from the Plugins dashboard page.

Once activated a menu item called AdRotate is added to your sidebar in the dashboard.
Everything option AdRotate has to offer is available through this menu.

You will experience how easy it is to start earning money

In order to use AdRotate Banner Management you can sign up with advertising networks or affiliate programs. Many of our users use Media.Net or Google Adsense. In your dashboard you’ll find several links to sign up with, the 2nd largest advertising network on the web.
More on that here – A offer »

Of-course you can also create your own adverts with banners from local businesses outside of the larger advertising networks.

Setup your first advertisement

In AdRotate for WordPress you can easily set up advertising campaigns with adverts you got from an advertising network such as or Google Adsense.

To create adverts in AdRotate you’ll navigate to the AdRotate menu and go to Adverts > Add New to get started.

Using an advertising network

In it’s most basic form you enter a name for the advert and add the banner code your network provided for you. Further down you also create or select a schedule for when the campaign should run. If the advert goes into a group you select a group as well.

Creating your own adverts

Of-course you’re not limited to advertising networks. With some basic HTML you can create your own adverts as well. For example from a local business who just provided you with a banner image and their website url.

You again start with a name for the advert. The AdCode you create yourself with basic HTML. Working examples for this are on the right of the AdCode field in AdRotate. Also here, further down you set up a schedule and optionally select a group.

For a more in depth guide to set up advertising campaigns with AdRotate, click here: Getting started with AdRotate »

Adverts can be placed on their own, or in groups where AdRotate alternates between the adverts in the group. Adverts and groups can be placed pretty much anywhere on your website including:

  • Inside posts
  • Before or after the post content
  • In sidebars with widgets
  • On any specific page of your choice
  • In the header and footer

Adverts can be any size you desire. But try to keep an eye on what looks good and stick to commonly used sizes.

Anything to create a sales-funnel that will bring more revenue.

Did you know that:

AdRotate Pro offers even more features than the free version? And it is a one time purchase only? No prescription needed. Updates are included for free. This makes AdRotate Pro one of the most affordable advertisement plugins available.

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