How to use AdSense adverts with AdRotate!

With AdRotate Professional and AdRotate Banner Manager you can place AdSense adverts on your website in minutes. All you need is a working setup of AdRotate (Pro) and a Google AdSense account.

Creating AD Campaigns

To get ads you simply log in to your Google AdSense account and Navigate to the Ads dashboard in the left hand menu.
From there click on the By Ad Unit option at the top of the page.

Your advert

Google prefers if if you use Responsive ADs, and prefers it even more if you use their Auto-Ads system. However, then you unfortunately get very little control over your adverts, the size or anything really.
If you have an idea for a specific size or place or layout for your page you have to create your own adverts.

To do so create Adverts of a fixed size. Select Fixed for the Ad Size and enter the desired dimensions below it.
For horizontal banners a 728×90 or 728×180 advert often will work well. Square adverts like you put in your sidebar commonly are 200×200, 230×230 or even 250×250. You can also make a tower advert this way, for example by entering 200×600 pixels in size.

In this example we create a 728×90 banner.

When done, click Create in the lower right corner and you’ll get your ad code.
Make sure you have HTML selected and click Copy Code Snippet below the adcode.

Setting up the advert in AdRotate

In a new tab log in to your WordPress or ClassicPress dashboard and navigate to the AdRotate dashboard page.
In Manage Adverts click New Advert.

In the New Advert dashboard paste the Google Code Snippet in the AdCode field.
Of-course give your advert a descriptive name – I used AdSense 728×90 in this example.

And create the advert as normal;

  • Enable Impression stats if you want that (Clicks are not supported for this kind of advert).
  • Assign a schedule.
  • Put the advert in a group.
  • Other settings you need or want…

And that’s it. You can now save the advert and place it on your website with a Widget, Post Injection or a Block (In the Gutenberg Block Editor) or use a Shortcode – Just like you would any other advert.

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