I made the 2nd most popular theme for Nova!

Back in 2021 or so I was an early adopter for the then new Nova code editor for macOS made by Panic. This Editor is supposed to be the end-all-be-all to replace the long standing Coda Editor, which I used since version 1.5 as my only code editor since 2008 or so. It’s just that good. While I don’t think Nova is a perfect successor. I did buy a license for it and use it regularly.

Also in the early days of Nova I made a color scheme based of off Coda 2’s ‘Coda Palette’ I really like how those colors highlight code and all that. So I remade that theme to work with Nova and added sensible color choices for the window theming and such so it looks extra nice.

Today I noticed that my ‘Goose Palette’ theme is the 2nd most popular of all themes for Nova 🥳 With more than 6000 active users.

If you use Nova and liked the Coda color scheme, find ‘Goose Palette’ in the Nova Extension browser or download it here.
View Goose Palette on Panic.com

And let me know if you use my theme below.

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