License issues? Resolved – Service restored.

Just a quick heads up – Due to an update to the License API last night some users seemingly “lost” their license. Further investigation showed that WooThemes in all their wisdom decided to rename a database table and a column in that table. The script that should handle that failed and I thought I’d fixed it manually last night. However, over the course of today I’ve come to realise that the problem was a bit bigger than anticipated.

Some theme templates and plugins needed updating too. As well as the Legacy API for licenses starting with 101 (sold last year). Earlier today I’ve updated all plugins and I’ve just finished updating the Legacy API and theme templates.

As far as I can tell, everything is working again.
Let me know if you can’t see your license in your account or if activating the plugin returns a “invalid key” or “license not found” error. As always, you can reach me via the contact form.