Matomo Tracker 1.1 – Track your feeds!

Matomo Tracker by Arnan de Gans

This update adds the ability to track ‘pageviews’ for RSS/Atom feeds. Improved WooCommerce downloads tracking and some small tweaks and updates.

Feed tracking

In addition to the feed campaign to count incoming clicks from RSS and Atom feeds you can now also track views on full articles for RSS and Atom feeds. This means that if people subscribe to your feeds and open the full article in a feed reader. Like Netnewswire, Reeder or online RSS reader services this is now also tracked.
Matomo tracker ignores excerpt feed views since that doesn’t really count a full view I think.

WooCommerce downloads

WooCommerce download tracking for products with downloads now actually works. The download recorder is a bit odd because WooCommerce doesn’t let developers add a proper modified code in place. So Matomo Tracker uses the javascript download tracker and takes what it can get. Unformatted URLs.

Changes for Matomo Tracker 1.1

  • [new] Feeds views tracking
  • [change] Removed more Matomo branding from Matomo Tracker ๐Ÿ™
  • [i18n] Updated and added strings