Matomo Tracker 1.2.9 available now!

Matomo Tracker by Arnan de Gans

A quick update for Matomo Tracker to ensure ClassicPress 1.5.2 compatibility. As well as some readme and dashboard tweaks.

Matomo Analytics is more better

With the increasing distrust of big tech companies like Google and Facebook, Matomo sits comfortably to host your website analytics securely and privately. With Matomo you can track stats for your website and other things, like an App, on your terms. Without some other company looking over your shoulder. Your analytics are yours, and nobody has access to them.

That’s great. For me, Matomo replaced Google Analytics entirely. I ditched Jetpack Stats and now rely on Matomo for all of my tracking.
I track emails, RSS feeds and just common website stats. And I use my Matomo Analytics plugin to do so. It’s simple and ‘more better’!

Changes for Matomo Tracker 1.2.9

  • Tested to work with ClassicPress 1.5+
  • Updated support links
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