New services for AdRotate and AdRotate Pro

service-installationOver the past few months there has been a increase in requests to install AdRotate Pro on peoples websites. Starting today this is now a service, available to everyone with a WordPress website who wishes to use AdRotate or AdRotate Pro. Also the HTML5 Setup service has been made easier to get.

Installation and Update service

Obviously this service is aimed at the less tech savvy among us. So if you want to monetise your blog but don’t know how? I’m here to help! Grab a copy of AdRotate (preferably AdRotate Pro *wink*) and order yourself some service.

I’ll help you get started with AdRotate or AdRotate Pro in no time by doing the installation, initial configuration and preparing the setup for your use.

The same applies to updating the plugin. Not sure how that works? Or if your hosting provider (or whoever) blocks the automated update. You can use this service to have me do it for you.

Check out the service here:

HTML5 Setup Service

At the same time I’ve sort of re-done the HTML5 Setup Service and made it into a proper product. You can now order this from the pricing page. This, of-course, is aimed at making this service more easy. You no longer have to email me first for a quote only to hear it’s €22.50 per advert. You can now just order how many adverts you want set up and I’ll do so. Easy as anything ๐Ÿ™‚

If you need help with setting up your HTML5 adverts, check out this service: