No-Bot Registration 1.7.3 available now!

A small update for No-Bot Registration including some important changes. The dashboard has been moved to the Tools menu. And the blacklist now actually works. In certain combinations of settings it would let wrong-doers through. But not anymore!

The dashboard for No-Bot Registration has been moved to the Tools menu in your dashboard. Following my other plugin, Analytics Spam Blocker. This also frees up the settings menu which is bloated by most plugins which simply stuff their settings screen in there.

I’ve made some small tweaks to the dashboard so it’s more consistent throughout my plugins. This ensures a more uniform function and makes future development a bit more easy for me.

False positives

With the right (or wrong) combination of protections for registration forms enabled registrations that should be denied were let through without question. This is of-course undesirable and was noticed by a user. Turned out I had the logic kinda backward. But that’s now fixed.

Changes for version 1.7.3

  • [fix] Not always showing the captcha if WooCommerce protection is on
  • [change] Dashboard tweaks
  • [change] Moved dashboard to Tools Menu