No-Bot Registration 1.8.2 available now!

This is an update with bugfixes and updated routines. In recent updates the filters for WordPress where changed a bit which caused some filtering issues. These have now been resolved. The registration and comment filter has been completely redone so it works faster and more reliable. ClassicPress is now officially supported and tested. And on top of that Classic Commerce support has been added as well. You no longer need the WooCommerce spoof plugin to use No-Bot Registration and Classic Commerce together.

I’ve made a number of updates to the dashboard so it’s more consistent throughout my plugins. This ensures a more uniform function and makes future development a bit more easy for me.

Settings have moved

A few versions ago the dashboard for No-Bot Registration was moved to the Tools menu in your dashboard. Following my other plugin, Analytics Spam Blocker. This also frees up the settings menu which is bloated by most plugins which simply stuff their settings screen in there.

Changes for version 1.8.2

  • Fixed better check for filtering comments/registrations
  • Tweak replaced alias functions with actual functions
  • Tweak minor code cleanups

The download for No-Bot Registration should show up in your dashboard shortly. Or you can download the plugin here:

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