No-Bot Registration 1.9 available now!

No-Bot Registration 1.9 brings a number of updates and tweaks to the dashboard to make it easier to read. I’ve made a round of updates to the dashboard so it’s more consistent throughout my various plugins. This ensures a more uniform function and makes future development a bit easier for me and the look and feel consistent for you when you use different plugins.

Compatible with ClassicPress

No-Bot Registration, like most of my plugins, is fully compatible with ClassicPress. ClassicPress is an excellent alternative for WordPress 5 and newer if you do not like the Gutenberg block editor or the general direction WordPress as a platform is headed in. This website uses ClassicPress and has done so since 2021. It looks and feels like WordPress and can even use its plugins and themes.

Learn more about ClassicPress here. Or if you need advise or help with migrating your website to ClassicPress get in touch via the Contact form or buy the ClassicPress migration service.

Settings have moved

A few versions ago the dashboard for No-Bot Registration was moved to the Tools menu in your dashboard. Following my other plugin, Analytics Spam Blocker. This also frees up the settings menu which is bloated by most plugins which simply stuff their settings screen in there.

Changes for No-Bot Registration 1.9

  • Updated dashboard sections
  • Updated support links
  • Removed help tabs

The download for No-Bot Registration should show up in your dashboard shortly. Or you can download the plugin here:

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