AdRotate Banner manager 5.5 – Available now!

This update removes a lot of unused debug code. Which overall should improve the speed of the plugin a bit (just a tiny bit). Also the installation script has been optimised to better check for existing tables. And more visibly the dashboard widgets got fixed and should now show up correctly.

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Don’t let PayPal fees bring you down with PayPal Surcharge for WooCommerce

Recently Paypal once again announced they will raise transaction fees. They also changed their Terms of Service in a way that you as a merchant are more liable for your customers antics, making it easier for them to charge you when trouble arrises (which should occur rarely, if ever. But still, not cool!).
By my calculations many transactions will end up costing almost double compared to earlier this year.

If you use WordPress with WooCommerce as your sales platform not all is lost though. You can easily lessen this costly burden and keep your business afloat more easy. With a simple plugin I’ve created. Read on for more information!

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AdRotate Pro 5.4.1 & 5.4.2 – CSS Output fixed

A maintenance update fixing a few quirks on the dashboard. And for your convenience a few more error checks for adverts have been added. If something goes wrong with creating or updating adverts. AdRotate Pro can now tell you about it even better.
Someone noticed a missing semi-colon in the CSS output, causing some weird behaviour on some themes. This has been fixed as well.

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