Paypal Surcharge and Stripe Surcharge updated!

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Paypal Surcharge and Stripe Surcharge have been updated to work with current WooCommerce and Classic Commerce versions.

Both plugins now have the ability for auto-updates via your dashboard. This makes keeping up with the latest improvements more easy. The plugin does get irregular updates though. But then a dashboard reminder is even more useful I think.
Next to that, all support links have been updated to reflect the current forums on my website – These were changed a few months ago.

Grab your copy here

Changes for Stripe Surcharge 1.5

  • Updated support links
  • Added Automatic updates through the dashboard

Changes for Paypal Surcharge 1.3

  • Updated support links
  • Added Automatic updates through the dashboard

Re-install the plugin

Part of better supporting Classic Commerce is dropping the name specifics for WooCommerce. This ‘rebrand’ happened last year. If your current installation does not mention WooCommerce in the title you already have the renamed version and you can skip this step.
Because the renaming of the plugins the file name and text domain has changed in the plugin. As such ‘WooCommerce Paypal Surcharge’ is now ‘AJdG Paypal Surcharge’ and ‘WooCommerce Stripe Surcharge’ is now ‘AJdG Stripe Surcharge’. Or simply Paypal Surcharge and Stripe Surcharge for short.

Since you do not overwrite the old version you need to uninstall the old version first before installing and activating the new plugin. This takes only a minute or two. But keep in mind that both the old and new version can not co-exist. For detailed steps on how to update the plugin take a look at the new Update guide – Updating a plugin on your website.

Getting help

All my plugins get limited support through the forums. If you run into any trouble or have questions please post your questions there.

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