Product changes – AdRotate Geo updated

logo-100x60Over the weekend I have made some changes to the website, related to products and availability of products. Also I’m working on something new and exciting.

AdRotate Geo

AdRotate Geo has been online for a little while now. Nobody appeared interested to buy extra lookups. Some found the 14400 lookups per day not enough. So I fixed both.

I have updated the API to accept 50000 lookups per day for free now. And next to that, the paid options have been removed. There really was no point in keeping them around if nobody was using it.

So the gist; More lookups, effective since yesterday. No action is required on your part. Less premium options. But nobody bought it anyway.

WooCommerce Plugins

As you may know I maintain a bunch of WooCommerce modules. I’ve gone over what they actually do and how useful they are. Some were not useful, reflected by the number of sales. Specific little plugins have little demand obviously. So zero sales in a year means to me I don’t need to sell it either. Therefor I have removed the fluff and kept the useful ones.

Also I have updated the page a bit to show a download counter on each plugin and WooCommerce Price Equality got updated a few days ago. Good stuff ๐Ÿ™‚

AdRotate Pro & AdRotate Free

AdRotate Pro are due for an update, too. I am finalising a bunch of things for that. Based on some feedback I have revised the indexes of the stats database which should see a bit of a speed bump on larger setups. For GeoTargeting in AdRotate Pro a bunch of things have been tweaked and improved. Also GeoBytes kinda broke their stuff so I decided to remove support for their “API”.
Updates are likely ready for release later this week.

Coming soon-ish

Currently I’m working on a simple to use SEO solution which focuses on what you look like in search results. SEO is always important to drive traffic to your site and a lot of plugins simply aren’t up to snuff. Others are complicated or are otherwise unwieldy. I think I can make a difference. SEO generally is made out to be much more complicated than it actually is. I’m going to change that. That’s exciting right? I think it is.