Remember this one? AdRotate flashback!

Remember this one? The very first version of AdRotate.


I’ve been doing some stuff on my blog and found this image from 2008. Not only does the dashboard look like crap, but there are no features either…

Just the adcode, asset picker and a group selector. AdRotate has come a long way since then ๐Ÿ™‚

Summersale 2016

We have a little sale going on this week. Benefit today!
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Mud, everywhere!

Mangroves, you’ll find them everywhere in the Philippines and in many places the people are very proud of them. “To protect the coast line” they’ll say. And there’ll be some vague protection group that charges tourists an entry fee. A bunch of mangroves I saw have a sort of boardwalk built into them. Some are really nice to walk through.