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Should AdRotate (Pro) Support Piwik tracking?

piwikI’ve been using Piwik Analytics for a little while now and quite like how it works. I’m actually investing a bit of time in properly tracking links to and from my site because the stats I see in Piwik make sense to me. In stark contrast to what Google Analytics offers (or lacks)…

This got me thinking about a suggestion and few discussions a while ago with some AdRotate Pro users to support external tracking solutions and how that would play a role in AdRotate. Turns out that Piwik has a extensive API to all kinds of tracking, including impressions and clicks for ads – Both Text and Image banners.

This is very interesting and probably worthwhile to look into further. What do you think? Should AdRotate support Piwik tracking? Perhaps Google tracking too (if that’s a thing…)
If you use Piwik and have experience with their contract tracking API – How does it fare for you? Is it reliable? Fast? Any pros or cons?

Let me know below!