Site changes, updates and new manuals

logo-250x150Over the past week I’ve been working on some smaller updates to the site to cater to some people complaining about VAT. The terms and conditions are now more clear and easier to read. There are some new manuals and some plugins are on sale.

VAT/Tax/Monetary nonsense

Some people complained about having to pay VAT all of the sudden. Others seemed confused by VAT and a bunch more didn’t even know what it is.

VAT is Value Added Tax. It’s a government tax, charged in most countries of the world (as far as I know). For new customers VAT may show on your cart and during checkout, but the amount may be off. As soon as you select your country the VAT will be updated to what it should be.

Terms and conditions redone

Last week I’ve updated the site with adjusted Terms and Conditions for purchases.
The rules didn’t change. But they’re easier to read now and are separated from the sites Terms of Services. A link to both pages is in the footer of this site.

Plugins on sale

Starting a few days ago a number of plugins I offer are on sale – 25% off on all of them. These are the small WooCommerce plugins I provide. Check them out on the WooCommerce Plugins page.

New and updated manuals

Having a growing userbase of premium products also means more people will have questions about things like license keys. To catch those questions I have created a few new manuals specifically aimed at license management and troubleshooting. These are available in the “other manuals” section (for lack of a better category). Check them out here:
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