Spent 5 weeks building a site, broke checkout on day one!

ajdg.solutions-logoAs with any site, new or overhauled, things go wrong when you launch it. I’ve spent hours and hours writing content, checking plugins, patching plugins. I’ve created smart redirect templates. Customised the hell out of the new theme. Spent days setting up pages, designing logos, icons. Anyway, weeks of work. Then I finally launch the thing – No sales all day. So I figured it’s a slow day. But nope.

I’ve customised a bunch of plugins because they did stupid things or were simply broken/not updated. For example I redid the security question plugin so it’s compatible with WooCommerce. Tested it. It worked. And moved on to the next item. Turns out the security question didn’t quite work. Why? Because you can’t use is_page() inside a page. I knew that, but I also forgot. I’m no theme guy… So the security thing would assume that checkout wasn’t checkout and wouldn’t let people through, *sigh*.
I now have a few plugins I can’t update anymore because of fixes and modifications that I found necessary


I think I fixed it ๐Ÿ™‚ we’ll see how tomorrow goes.

If you find a quirk or bug on the site, let me know as soon as possible. Thanks!