WooCommerce Gateway Stats is now Payment Gateway Stats

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The plugin WooCommerce Gateway Stats has been renamed to Payment Gateway Stats this is to accommodate compatibility with Classic Commerce for ClassicPress.

This is a small but significant update that brings some tweaks to the plugin so that it works with Classic Commerce for ClassicPress.
Other than compatibility fixes and a name change, no features have been added.


  • IMPORTANT: Uninstall WooCommerce Gateway Stats before activating this update. No data will be lost.
  • [change] Plugin now called Payment Gateway Stats
  • [tested] WooCommerce 4.9 compatibility
  • [tested] ClassicPress 1.3
  • [fix[ ClassicCommerce 1.0.4 compatibility
  • [fix[ Readme.txt text

Updates are important

Updating your plugins and themes is important for the safety and performance of your website. This is good practice for most plugins and themes.

If you’ve bought any of my Classic Commerce or WooCommerce plugins in the last 12 months you can download the latest version from your account on this website.
If you don’t have a copy yet, get one here: https://ajdg.solutions/product-category/commerce/.

To install the update simply unzip the new version. Then upload the resulting folder to /wp-content/plugins/. Make sure you disable and delete ‘WooCommerce Gateway Stats’ first as both plugins can not co-exist. When doing so, no data will be lost.
After you’ve removed WooCommerce Gateway Stats simple enable the Payment Gateway Stats plugin and you can continue inspecting your sales through each payment gateway as normal.

Getting help

All my Classic Commerce and WooCommerce plugins get limited support through the support forums. If you run into any trouble or have questions please post your questions there.