WordPress Incompatible Archive issue and AdRotate Pro

If you’re using WordPress 6.4.3 and are trying to install my plugins such as AdRotate Pro, Payment Gateway Stats or Single Page checkout, among others. These plugins come as a zip download, you may see the installation fail and WordPress showing a generic ‘Incompatible Archive’ error.

While generic and non-descript, it simply means that there was an error verifying the compressed .zip file you are trying to upload and WordPress couldn’t continue. There is nothing wrong with the file, not the ones I provide anyway, but rather WordPress not being able to read the file for some reason.

WordPress uses mods and code libraries in the background to handle files and unzipping them. One of these libraries has an issue with certain zip files.

How to fix the Incompatible Archive error

The real ‘fix’ or solution will be a WordPress update that can handle zip files better.

From what I gather there is a solution being tested here, with proposed code changes here.

How to deal with the Incompatible Archive error today

While WordPress may be unable to read the zip file, your server and computer can. So you can install my plugins, including AdRotate Pro, another way.

1. Make a new zip file

If you’re on a windows computer you can unzip the file you downloaded from my website and make a new zip file.
Simply unzip the file and locate the resulting directory. Zip it back up and upload that file to WordPress. Which in most cases should work.

2. Installing AdRotate Pro manually via (s)FTP

Install AdRotate Pro the old fashioned way, by doing it outside of WordPress.
To do so, follow the steps below:

  1. Access your hosting account using your favourite (s)FTP client.
  2. Navigate to /wp-content/plugins/.
  3. On your computer, unzip the adrotate-pro.zip file and upload the resulting adrotate-pro folder to the plugins folder.
  4. Next, log in to your Wordpress dashboard and navigate to the Plugins dashboard page.
  5. On the Plugins dashboard page you can activate AdRotate Professional.
    AdRotate Pro will install the required database tables and basic settings.
  6. When activated, navigate to AdRotate Pro > Settings > License and activate your license to receive Premium Support, Automatic Updates and access to AdRotate Geo.

Read more about how to install AdRotate Pro in the manual or how to install other plugins.

3. Disable the broken library in WordPress

If you’re familiar with editing code you can also disable the broken library in WordPress so that it uses something else.
You can do this by adding the following line to your themes functions.php file.

add_filter( 'unzip_file_use_ziparchive', '__return_false' );

4. Downgrade WordPress to a version that works better

Alternatively, you can downgrade WordPress to version 6.4.2 or some other recent version to be able to unzip every zip file without trouble.

If nothing seems to work

If you’re still having trouble installing my plugins or if you simply don’t know what to do, please get in touch.
For any paid plugins you can post a support ticket through the support pages or you can post a new topic on my support forums.

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