You can now give me your Bitcoin and Dogecoin!

Crypto Currency

It appears crypto has been booming for a while now. If the hype is to be believed every is doing it. This is of-course nonsense. But it sort of makes sense these days to start accepting your money in more ways than clumsy creditcards or unfair Paypal transactions.
I’ve tried ‘investing’ (hodling I guess) a few times now but never had much patience for it. I think it’s because I don’t spend enough time paying attention to it and as such treated it as just a silly side thing.

No more!

Starting today, January 17th 2022, I’m accepting Bitcoin and Dogecoin on both this website and my newly launched travel website

For the next few weeks I’ll be trialing the Bitcoin and Dogecoin options available to me and evaluate the need for it but also how transactions are processed and if I like that workflow.

This also means that crypto transactions are manually processed so I can thoroughly familiarize myself with the going-ons of it and finetune your buying experience a bit. In general I expect this to work the same way as bank-transfers, where orders are manually approved as well. And if I’m awake and online, which usually is the case, your order should be approved within a matter or hours.

If you run into issues making your transaction or think something can be better, even if it’s just visual or terminology, let me know via the contact form or comments below.

As you’ll notice I’ve designed payment icons to show throughout my websites matching the ones I already used. As shown here – I’ve even used DogeSans for the Dogecoin icon, yay! Super committed.

Anyway, Such Crypto, Much Expectations.
Hopefully it’ll be a worthwhile exercise and we can transition away from traditional currency a bit more. Don’t let me down crypto users! 🥳

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