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Hi again

I have an update on this.
I paid $US50 for 500,000 lookups using Maxmind. I thought this would last me a good while as the ads I am geotargeting are on one page only. This page gets around 4000 views a month so I did the math and thought Maxmind should last me several months.

However, it lasted only 2 weeks (13 days to be precise!) Here’s what the Maxmind folks say about it (after I explained the above).

Nick Bishop (MaxMind)
Aug 2, 19:31 EDT
Hi Robin,
It seems like the Adrotate plugin is querying all visiting IPs for geolocation data, and not just those visitors on your targeted page. We received over 500,000 queries from you, as the log shows in detail. Unfortunately we were not involved in the creation of the Adrotate plugin, so I’m unable to advise on how to configure or troubleshoot the geolocation settings. There may be a menu in which you can specify which pages you want to enable geolocation or something similar. You may also want to contact Adrotate directly for further support.
I am sorry I can not be of more help in diagnosing the problem. Even though I cannot provide support for that plugin, I’ll be happy to answer any questions I can about the service itself or your MaxMind account.
Nick Bishop
Customer Support
MaxMind, Inc.

I’m kinda miffed at blowing $50 for pretty much nothing.

But in the process I learned that as my site is on Cloudflare, I could used that service in Adrotate. So one good thing has come out of it.

If only I had figured this out earlier …!

But Arnan, if you could advise if my setup is indeed wrong, I would be grateful.