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You seem to be awefully arogant and iresponsible person.

I have sent more then 7 emials, and i have never received any reply. In my email i had desccribed everything. I sent via your plugin dashboard. I guess even that is not working. You did respond after 5 days and that too unwilling to help attitude

And for giving a bad review, you should understand no one has useless time anf money. And if still i am putting effort to review negatively, it is because i am very irritated with your plugin. I did not buy this plugin to face trouble or say bad to you.

About the problem, i have checked with every possible thing but still face problem.
1. The mobile ads are not showing, insyead desktop ads are shown on mobiles. even when mobile is active, and proper ads in place. The jquery is enabled and script is set in footer.
2. Ads are not always shown. The ads in between content, 4 to 8 para and middle are shown half the time. The para tags are there in post. A same post has ads on 1st load and may not shown on 2nd or 3rd load. So this way i am loosing ads impression.
3. Wanted many other customizations but its useless unless the basic is working properly.
If you atill dont want to get the plugin right, it is fine with me. i will accept my refund and let everyone know what I faced. I have had problems with other plugibs before where the developer tried to help me with the problem and when failed did refund my money. I have always appreciated that developer. In this industry, a few 100$ is not a big deal. I have already lost 100 tines more using your plugin.

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