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Hello Arnan,

Strange that I MUST install W3 Total Cache to get this plugin to work… :-).
But besides that, I do have W3 Total Cache installed and I think I have configured AdRotate properly.

  • I have checked the W3 Total caching checkbox in the adRotate Misc. settings tab.
  • I have manually emptied the W3 cache.
  • I have added the W3TC_DYNAMIC_SECURITY definition to my wp-config.php file.
  • I have checked the ‘Shortcode in Widgets’ checkbox in the adRotate General settings tab.
  • I am NOT using disk basic caching, because it breaks my site.

So I guess I have done everything to get this working.

Other shortcodes do work in my widgets. The AdRotate Widget does not work.

But there is another HUGE problem. When I activate AdRotate Pro, the vertical scrollbar of the site disappears on the front. So people cannot scroll anymore. When I deactivate AdRotate Pro, the scrollbar appears again. I’m using the Jarida theme. Apparently this plugin breaks something.

Please give me a proper solution Arnan to fix BOTH issues.

Maurice (ook digital nomad, maar dan in Spanje)