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I have the same problem

i can add a group.
I can run a report on a group.
But I cannot manage a group. When I click to manage I am taken to a blank screen (with just the add/manage/report links in upper left corner)

the really peculiar thing is that i have seven groups, i cannot manage 6 of them. i cannot manage a new one. but i can access the 7th normally.

I need access to one group urgently. I don’t want to delete it as i will lose the stats etc. Is there any other way to suspend it while the problem is figured out?

using wp 4.8.1, php 7.1 and adrotate 4.5.
in caching cloudflare and hummingbird (but no changes to their config for at least a month before this started).
I have cleared all caches, turned as much off as i can.

There is nothing in my error log

appreciate any help available