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We do have Adorate Pro.

The site I’m a webmaster for has a an Adrotate Pro license.
The sales and accounting department bought the plugin a little time ago.

They used their email address to buy the plugin since they are the ones with the company’s credit card and in charge of buying and paying for stuff.

I used my email to register here, since I’m the one in charge of making this plugin work, and all the other WordPress related tasks.

I understand that this might cause some confusion, but I’m a little offended that you assume that I’m either:

1 – Too dumb to know the difference between the Pro version and the free version (which doesn’t have the Geo Targeting Service options enabled, so I could have not gotten this error in the first place),


2.- that I’m somehow cheating and using the full pro plugin without a license.

I wrote you, concerning this issue, a few days ago, directly using the email form on the Adrotate Pro’s admin page on my WordPress installation . (Which only appears on the Pro version).
Since I didn’t get any answers, I thought I’d write here in the forums in case the form is not working properly, or that someone in the community could help.

Is there any way I can link my email with this license? o maybe I could send you the license and email used to register the plugin so we can get some help on this very important issue?

I would like to avoid having to make our sales and accounting department get in here and try to solve this, since they are not very tech-savvy, do not speak english or dutch, and it’s not really their job.

In any case, my question still stands.
I’ve tried these a few times and the error message is still there.

Try to re-save the Geo Targeting settings once or twice.
If a quota is ‘stuck’ at 0, re-saving the settings will poke the server and should update the quota.

If you’re using AdRotate Geo it will also try to register your site for future lookups.
If you’re using MaxMind GeoIP you may have to buy new lookups first.

Registering for AdRotate Geo usually is instant, but sometimes is a bit delayed. This resolves itself after Midnight GMT+0 when all quotas are reset.

Is there anything else I could look into?
Anything I should check with our server admin?

The caching of this site done directly on the server (NGINX), so I don’t know if that could cause some kind of problem.

Thank you.

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