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Hi: I have the same problem. I bought and installed the plugin a few weeks ago. I only have one advert in one group, and it seems to only display about 25% of the time (I have no ad blockers).

Under the “Advanced” section of the Adverts page at admin.php?page=adrotate-ads&view=edit&ad=1 I have the following settings:
Weight: Many impressions
Device: I have all checked
Operating System: I have all checked

I want to display this ad all the time on this group. Like I said, I have only 1 advert on this entire site and only 1 group.

Is there anything I need to do to get the banner displayed?

Also, I sort of disagree with the rationale above. I have been using online ad software for about 20 years — used the very expensive Ad Metrix 20 years ago and then we migrated to free OpenX about 18 years ago and I still use OpenX from time to time. It is possible to measure 25% — it will not be entirely accurate, but the logic will display the advert 1 time after other ads are displayed 3 times… so it just rotates through and you can get about 24.99-25.1 accuracy. 😉

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