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WP Engine is a very good hosting plan and allows our website to work with a large volume of visitors each month. This plugin and our host worked together for the past two months and we could not be happier. Our old hosts could not handle the volume of ajax calls mixed with visitor volume and would crash almost every week from database overloads. They say a large number of both your customers and theirs correlate together, so they want to make sure your plugin and their hosting works well together.

The response I got back from them is as follows:

“Thanks for providing that info and the Developer’s response. We have not made any changes to our caching infrastructure on any level recently. I looked over the site config history of edisonreport as well, and can confirm that there have not been any changes made to the site’s use of cache exclusions, CDN, or object caching.

We have not received any similar reports of the Adrotate plugin malfunctioning in the last few days. That being said, the dynamic nature of the plugin means that it would not play well with cache. Can you ask the plugin developer if there is a specific path, argument, or cookie that would need to be excluded from cache in order for it to work as expected? Outside of caching, if there are any other system requirements for Adrotate we can absolutely try to implement them.

Thank you, Arnan.

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