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    Hi Arnan

    I hope you can help me. I have just started using Adrotate. I have created a group of 4 ads for my homepage. The group is set to dynamic but only 2 of the ads are showing, the other 2 I can see when they are supposed to be shown but it shows a small broken image icon.

    I have checked the code I created for those 2 banners and they are correct. I was thinking maybe Adrotate is conflicting with my theme (Sahifa)?

    I’ve got WordPress 4.9.8.

    I’m not very techy so it it may be a setting I have my side?

    Here’s the code for one of the ads:

    My website it https://kaboutjie.com – the ad group is for my home page.

    I would really love some assistance with this.


    Arnan de Gans

    Check the adverts that are not working. If the broken image thingy is showing then the advert image is missing or you put the wrong URL for it in place.



    Thank you Adnan – that is so strange – I used the image link for the frontend of my website and I had to use the wp-admin link. Anyway I got it all sorted out. Thank you for letting me know where the problem was. Enjoy your day!

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