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    Hi Arnan!

    Really liking AdRotate, which we are auditioning as an alternative to the AdButler we’ve been using.
    We will probably get the Premium version since we have sidebar widgets to populate.

    For now though, we are frustrated by a group of two ads set to appear before content. Sometimes they display, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes just one of them appears.

    This flightiness happens in regular browsers, incognito browsers, mobile, etc.

    Deactivating all other plugins does not solve the problem.

    We have the group set for Block, so there’s no dynamic settings at play, right?

    You can see the ads appear/not appear at:

    We really want this to work so we can get the Premium version.



    Arnan de Gans

    The browser or devices is usually irrelevant for this kind of thing.

    How are you placing the group? With a widget? Block? Or perhaps Post Injection?
    Do all adverts in the group work in their previews?



    We have the two ads set in a block group, 2×1, 10px margin, Center alignment, Page Injection before Content. Yes, both of their previews appear on the Adverts pages.

    The page we are having trouble getting consistent results with is

    That is a directory page and the content the follows the ads are a map and search bar. I wonder it the directory is causing the issue.

    As a test, we injected the ads onto our Contact page, and the ads appear consistently.

    What thinks you?
    We really want this to work for us.



    Arnan de Gans

    Seems to work fine for me when I refresh the page a bunch of times.
    I consistently see advert #12, and #11 below it.

    Perhaps it’s something with your browser, cache or something similar.

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