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    Mark Law


    I have a problem with an advertiser that sent me this text to set up the ad:

    //To track Impressions use the following URL:[timestamp]&rtu=-1
    //To track Clicks use the following URL:
    //Note: Please ensure that you implement a click tracking URL only in the clicks location in your ad server, 
    //and an impression tracking URL only in the impression tracking location.
    //Client is solely responsible for, and Sizmek has no liability for, any failure to properly implement the URLs and any related billing and reporting discrepancies.[timestamp]
    <SCRIPT TYPE="application/javascript" SRC=""></SCRIPT> <NOSCRIPT><IMG SRC="" BORDER=0 WIDTH=1 HEIGHT=1 ALT=""></NOSCRIPT>

    So I could implement the click tracker in this way:
    <a href="[timestamp]" target="_blank"><img src="%asset%" /></a>

    and it worked but I can’t understand how to implement the impression tracker, do you have an idea how to make it work?
    Thanks very much for your help!


    Arnan de Gans

    This looks like a tracking pixel:[timestamp]&rtu=-1

    So in theory you could just paste the following under your adcode on a new line and you should be good:

    <img src="[timestamp]&rtu=-1" height="0" width="0" />


    Mark Law

    Thanks I’ll try and report back if it worked!

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