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    Hello, I’m having a similar problem that I’ve seen other posts mention. I’m able to edit and save ads that I previously created but when I create a new ad the schedule always reverts to Jan. 1 1970.

    I’m running Adrotate 5.8.26 and WP 6.0.1. I’ve cleared the WP cache and web cache. I’ve run all the maintenance within the plugin and received all green replies with database being current #68.

    So I’m able to create a new ad, adjust the settings, upload an image, create a schedule and save it. But then the ad appears in the “needs attention” list. When I go back to troubleshoot it the date has gone back to 1970.

    We have the plugin on the 3 sites using GoDaddy and Mediatemple. The plugin has worked fine for years until now.

    Based on what you’ve seen in helping others fix this issue what would you recommend for us to do?

    Thanks in advance!


    Arnan de Gans

    Such things usually mean a database issue of some kind – Please check your servers error_log file for errors.
    The error_log file can usually be found in your hosting dashboard.

    Anything mentioning AdRotate is interesting.



    Thanks for the reply. I noticed this is your standard reply to all posts that mention this issue. I was hoping with your experience dealing with all the other posts that there was some common thread or reason as to why this was happening. For example if someone has paid you to fix this issue in the past, what was the fix? In all the threads I found on this issue, none of them mentioned they found a solution or “problem solved” type of thing.

    I haven’t been able to locate any mentions of adrotate in the logs. Does upgrading to premium fix the issue or will it most likely still be there?


    Arnan de Gans

    As far as I know both AdRotate Banner Manager and AdRotate Pro do not have this issue on their own.
    So yes, asking for errors, symptoms, things you did or try is the first step in finding out what goes wrong for you. That is a basic starting point for any kind of support.

    How else can I advise you what to do without knowing what’s going on? 😉

    If there is nothing in the error_log you can try to re-activate the plugin from the Plugins page.
    You can also clean up the database from Settings > Maintenance. Sometimes that helps with stray schedules.

    Updating to AdRotate Pro may help – Schedules and such are handled differently there.

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