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    Hi there,
    Thank you for a great plugin.

    I have repeated title from historical closed forum topic. I would like to inject ads to posts that are asigned with specific categories. While location of the ad will remain the same for all groups, post category will determine Ad Group and therefore specific ads to be shown. This helps us with targeting specific audience with specific product ads.

    However, the problem is that some of my posts belong to 2 categories and as a result, 2 ads are injected to the post one after another.

    It there a way how to prevent this duplication? E.g. by defining priority of categories and injecting ads only for Group with category, that is the most prioritized?

    Thank you,



    In that specific situation adverts may show up double yes.
    In a way that’s exactly what you tell AdRotate to do. But at the same time it’s not how it should be.

    I haven’t found a reliable way around it yet 🙁 Still working on that.


    Hi Arnan,
    Thank you for your reply. Reliable way would be to evaluate all post injections with similar inject destination and make only one win and execute e.g. based on priorities assigned to individual post category by user. I am sure that this would bring your plugin to another level and differentiated it from competitors.



    In the current way AdRotate works that’s not feasible.
    But, once I figure out a good way to either redo post injection or make that work that’s a priority update.

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