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    Do I have something set incorrectly in my admin?

    For some reason, the preview of the ads are shown full size in the admin:

    I don’t imagine that is by design.


    Arnan de Gans

    You don’t provide height and width attributes in your adcode, why would it not show at full size?
    If you want a smaller advert without those attributes, use a smaller image.



    It would be cleaner and a better user experience for your customers to scale the preview image to fit in the ad panel itself instead of requiring users to horizontally scroll across to verify the correct image:

    Unless there is some advantage to requiring the customers to drag scroll bars around that is not occurring to me (perhaps it’s too complex to code it)?


    Arnan de Gans

    If I’d resize/scale the image your complaint would be “the image is not true to size”.

    You should use a reasonable image for your ads. The huge thing you use now does not make sense unless you specifically want that, in which case the scaling/resizing is even less warranted because you want it to be big.

    If you make the image smaller it’ll be smaller in kilobytes also, which makes loading it faster, safes on bandwidth and just works better.



    That ad is a full-width ad for the site, the size of the ad is correct for the application.

    If a user selects “auto” for the size of ads we are trying to make sure the ads are being served in a mobile responsive fashion to our users, wouldn’t it stand to reason those same users would appreciate a clean mobile responsive admin experience?

    It would make sense to me if a user enters actual ad dimensions, show the full size ad, if they enter “auto” show a preview that fits in the container with no horizontal scrolling.

    Better yet ask your users, that’s the only way you are going to know the changes that will matter to your users.

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