Ad won't show up on Chrome

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    I’m running an ad (GIF, 1MB) that shows up just fine on Firefox and Safari, but it won’t show up at all on Chrome. (Not just for me, but for others, too.) The other ad (JPG, 30kb) in the group shows up fine. Any idea why Chrome won’t show it? The site is, and the ad is for Brooklyn Robot Foundry. Thanks.

    PS I’m running WordPress 4.9.4, AdRotate 4.9



    Turns out that the ad will show up, but not until I open a different page. It seems that Chrome caches one ad for a page, and doesn’t refresh it easily. So when I kept refreshing (and shift+refreshing, and closing and reopening) the home page, the same ad showed up. But when I clicked through, a different one appeared. Not sure any of this is meaningful or useful, but I figured I should pass it along.



    Sounds like a issue with browser cache or a broken proxy (nginx for example).

    Perhaps your site tells the browser to cache things too long. This site has a lot of rules for browser cache for example.
    Take a look at your .htaccess file to see what’s going on there with browser cache.

    In the case of proxies, you’d have to have your hosting company take a look at that.



    Same here … only happens on Chrome, on firefox, edge, safari is ok.



    @brunocerq see my previous reply.

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