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    I just bought the PRO version just to get the adblockers out. But with the proposed settings, adblocker successfully blocks all banners.
    – banners are configured under the adrotate as assets,
    – filenames do not contain general dimensions, “banner” or other obvious word
    – adblock Disguise is set in the settings menu,

    If I put ads as simply an image to the site, they appear, when I set it in adrotate, it blocked by adblocker immediately. This is so useless …

    What solution do you suggest?

    (I use 4.16 version with 4.9.8 WP version, I don’t use any cache plugin)



    Thanks for your purchase!

    AdRotate Pro by itself does not let you avoid adblockers.
    Adblock disguise is not a guarantee that your advert will show.

    What the feature does is obfuscate the output of the plugin so adblockers don’t recognise it as advertising code. If your adverts, your adcode, is an obvious advert the adblocker might not know AdRotate is how the advert got there, but it then just blocks the actual advert.

    Some adverts are so obvious (such as adsense) that there is no way to hide them.



    Dear Arnan,

    thank you for your answer. The problem is, my adverts not obvious adverts at all. Just pictures with links, not adsense, or any code behind them. All of them disappear if I turn on the adblocker, so the adblock disguise is not working at all. If I turn off the AdRotate and use a simple HTML code in text widget everything is ok. I’m sad, this was an unnecessary purchase. 🙁



    That’s unfortunate, but usually the adcode is to blame then.
    Sometimes caching is in the way, you may want to flush your site caches to see if that improves things.

    However, even a simple advert is sometimes easily spotted as such. For example if your advert has a image name like cocacola-november-468x60.jpg The 468x60 is a dead giveaway that it’s an advert. Taking that out will increase the chance of fooling the adblocker.
    You can read more about that, along with some pointers and tips, here:

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