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    I observed that ADROTATE allows users to add new advert using the wp-admin panel. I do not want this. I would want my users to ADD NEW Advert from the front end of my website as shwon in the screenshot below.

    I have trued using the customization shortcode [adrotate_advertiser_dashboard] and [adrotate_advertiser_dashboard page=”full”] but none worked.

    I actually purchased this pluginbecause of this feature so my advertisers can use the frontend to manage their advert.

    Please help on how to achieve this.



    In addition to my post, how do i manually add a payment to an advertiser so the advert runs through the payment once the advert has been approved.



    It seems I am going to REQUEST for refund if my users cannot manage adverts from frontend. I bought this plugin for the sole pourpose of this and the PRO FEATURES didnt explain it cannot be managed from dashboard except through WP-ADMIN. This is very unprofessional. IF I DONT GET A RESPONSE. I WILL SEEK FOR A REFUND. I CANNOT WASTE $35 FOR THIS.


    Arnan de Gans

    The front end dashboard is read only, I don’t think it says otherwise anywhere on my site.

    You can update an advert budget when you edit it, in the advertiser section. No payments can be made. If you sell an advert all you do is update the budget and set the cpm or cpc.

    If my website is unclear or had wrong information, let me know where so I can review it and maybe change it.

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