Admin screen not displaying correctly

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    We’ve been trying to troubleshoot a recent problem at where the sidebar is being pushed to the bottom of the page, and have noticed a few weird things related to AdRotate:

    –The main AdRotate Info page in Admin looks like its layout is broken. See screenshot.

    –AdRotate ads on our main Home and Channel templates look fine, but on Posts are a little too big. I wonder whether this is pushing the sidebar to the bottom of the page.

    We’re running WordPress 4.6.1, Beaver Builder Theme 1.5.2, and AdRotate 3.16.2.



    Arnan de Gans

    Pushed down sidebars usually are because the contents of the sidebar is too wide.

    If the dashboard looks weird/bits are missing, disable your ad-blocker.

    If adverts are too big, resize them.



    Thanks. We’ll look more closely at whether anything in the sidebar was sized incorrectly/too big.

    As for the Admin display, I don’t believe I have any AdBlocker installed. Where would that be installed?


    Arnan de Gans

    Adblockers are browser plugins.
    Most let you make exceptions for sites. For example I do not block ads on any websites from AdRotate users when I visit their sites so I can help trouble shoot stuff.

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