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    This is a serious issue, and definitely a bug. We have a high-traffic site, and your plugin added MILLIONS of rows to the WP_OPTIONS table, causing our server to crash.

    Are there any plans to turn this off or let us turn it off? Now how do we eliminate these rows?

    Or is your plugin unusable for large sites?

    I see you deleted the last person’s comment on this. Please respond. I will also post this to your plugin page if not resolved.



    Not a bug. And no need for a 2nd topic, the ‘issue’ got fixed in version 4.2.1. Did you update yet? If not, do so.
    Also make sure the maintenance function is active in AdRotate Settings > Maintenance.

    As explained, the data you’re having a problem with is nothing new, it’s always been collected and stored – Just in a different location, in a less optimized way.

    If your hosting can’t keep up – Track stats elsewhere or disable stats.
    For example in Google or Piwik

    That reply you mentioned got deleted because it had nothing to do with the topic.



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