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    Hi, I’m using AdRotate Pro Version 5.8.6 on WP5.5.3 and I’ve been unable to get any click tracking results in the statistics panel. Impressions are high and I know we’re getting plenty of clicks, I’ve reinstalled (and upgraded) the plugin but cannot isolate what event AdRotate is tracking or why it isn’t ever firing. Do you have any suggestions?


    What does it show for clicks? 0’s or –‘s?


    I get 0s


    Sorry, prior image didn’t attach


    So stats are enabled for clicks.
    What kind of adverts are you trying to track? HTHML5? Javascript? flash? Some other format?


    For some reason I’ve been unable to add posts to original thread on this topic. While impressions stats show up for my ads, clicks are constantly at zero
    timeline of adrotate stats
    Tracking is enabled, no errors are showing up on the console or anywhere else I can see them, and I’m able to see some clickthrough traffic via GA. I’ve exhausted my ideas for what could be going wrong here. These are simple image banner ads, e.g.

    <a href=""><img src="%asset%" /></a>


    Merged with original topic.


    Your advert is missing it’s content, this is just a bare (and likely invisble) link.
    Thus nobody can click on it.

    Take a look at the right of the AdCode field for some working examples, you should add an image or phrase to the advert to make it visible.


    It’s a visible and clickable banner ad on the front end and the %asset% variable correctly calls up the image in the Banner Asset field. Should I just not use that field anymore?


    Ah yes, the forum stripped the image tag… 🙄 I’ve corrected that now.
    Please don’t use xxx in future posts so it shows up correctly.

    If you’ve enabled the statistics checkbox when editing the advert, stats should work just fine for that advert.
    If the clicks show –‘s and not 0’s stats are not enabled at the moment.


    The click counter shows 0s, not a –

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